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Do you play Theme Hospital, do you fancy some online play with someone? Drop your request here with email/skype and other members can connect with you and play multiplayer games!

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12 years ago

Great game.

12 years ago

Love you’re still committed to the game. I myself am a huge fan of Theme Hospital. I havent touched it in years, but I came across your site and had to play it again. I would like it alot for Bullfrog to be reestablished and continue its old product lines like DK, Populous, etc, with Theme Hospital being my favourite of all.

Just wanted to show a bit of support to a great initiative!

11 years ago
11 years ago

Love theme Hospital. On the final level, but it’s bloody hard!

Mike Jones
11 years ago

A fantastic timeless game. Thanks for your hard work. It’s great to still be able to play the game on Windows 7.

11 years ago

LOVE theme hospital. So happy I can play it again on my updated windows :) Clocked it way too fast. Wish someone can make more!

Leon Black
11 years ago

Thank you for your efforts.

I was wondering if there was any way to play with a higher resolution with your version of the game. The low resolution just kills it on my screen.

11 years ago

Thanks a LOT! Haven’t played this game in years. Still loving it, like most of the ‘Theme’ based games. Greetings

11 years ago

Great game! I had the original disc as a kid but I lost it while moving, found Corsix and now my childhood memories are being relived!

10 years ago

How do you play this game multiplayer? and how do you access multiplayer on Corsix-TH.

Declan Emery
9 years ago

The Best Game Of The 90s

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