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On this page you can find Hints, Cheats and Walkthroughs. If you have anything to contribute to this page then please drop it in a comment at the bottom of this page and I will make sure it gets added into the page so others can benefit.


Cheats (PC)

Level Select:
Whilst on the pre-game screen, press C on your keyboard and you can now select any level by clicking on the one you wish to play (note that the pointer will be hidden?).

Level Select (Method 2):
Create a desktop link to Theme Hospital, right click the link and select Properties, modify the short-cut link and add at the end hospital.exe -L# – Where # is the level number you wish to load.

Fax Machine:
The following cheats require you to have access to the Fax Machine, you can usually find this by clicking a message box at the bottom left of the screen that has a ? on it. When you are on the screen, type in 24328 and then you can do any of the following cheats:

7827 – This will enable you to go to a secret level after you’ve won that one.
7287 – This will enable you to go to a secret level after you’ve won that one.
Shift + C – Get $2000
Ctrl + C – All research complete.
Ctrl + M – Skip to the end of the month.
Ctrl + Y – Skip to the end of the year.
Ctrl + E – Makes one emergency.
Shift + 1 – Extra patient.
Shift + I – Change patients illness.
Ctrl + S – Finish whatever you are currently researching.
F11 – Lose level.
F12 – Win level.
Ctrl + Shift + C – All items.


Hint’s & Tips (PC)

Rubbish, rat holes, and vomit:
You can eradicate rubbish, rat holes and vomit by simply moving furniture over the affected areas, this simply clears the area.

Prevent epidemic:
Sometimes, but not always, you can prevent an epidemic by immediately saving when you see an epidemic icon. Then reload your save and when you click the epidemic icon it will simply disappear from the menu bar.

Stop epidemic event:
When an epidemic event has happened, before the time is up (when the Health Minister shows up on your map), delete the reception desk. Wait or hasten the timer (by sending one of the infected patient home), when the time is up, the Health Minister will not show up because there is no where to go to. After that, re-place your reception table and the epidemic will not happen again.

More time for Level 1:
You can prevent the timer from starting on Level 1 tutorial by not hiring a doctor, once you are happy with the layout of your hospital you can then start the timer by hiring your doctor. This gives you some extra time to prepare your hospital!


Cheats (Playstation)

Level Jump:
On the menu screen simply tap in any of the combo’s below to jump to the specified level.

2X, O, Square, Triangle, Triangle, O, Square, X
3O, O, Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, O, Triangle
4Square, Triangle, O, Square, X, X, Triangle, O
5O, Triangle, Square, O, X, Triangle, O, Square
6Square, Triangle, Square, O, X, Square, X, O
7Square, Triangle, Triangle, O, X, Square, Triangle, O
8X, Triangle, Square, O, Triangle, O, Square, X
9Triangle, Square, X, Triangle, O, X, Triangle, Square
10O, Square, X, Triangle, Square, X, O, Square
11Triangle, O, Square, O, Triangle, Square, O, X
12O, Square, X, X, Square, O, Square, Triangle

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11 years ago

PC Tip: When starting with a new level, press 1 to slow down the time and thus the timer, giving you all the time in the world to decorate your hospital and work on the layout

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