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If you need some help with Theme Hospital then please drop a comment below, also if you can help anyone who has commented then please reply to them! Lets help each other out :)

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11 years ago

I’ve recently downloaded a torrent of Theme Hospital which runs with DOSBox. The game works perfectly fine, but for some reason the fax machine cheat doesn’t seem to work. Can you please help me out?

11 years ago

Hiya, i’ve downloaded the cop of TH from your website but none of the cheats work, can you please help? Thanks :-)

11 years ago

I got your DL from this site. Started up fine but then says you must have the CD to play. Can you tell me how to trick the game in thinking the CD is there?

11 years ago

Will the Theme Hospital CD work with Windows 10?

11 years ago

Sorry, I meant Windows 8

11 years ago

The new corsix 20 keeps crashing on my system and i keep needing to re dowload it for it to work once, also how can i play a map ive create as a game?

10 years ago

I im a bit confused I own the soldout disk version of Theme hospital but now I have windows , so Do I have to install it first then install Corsix or the modified version or do I just keep the disk as legal justification to owning the game, i dont want to break the law or anything


10 years ago

Downloaded onto windows 8 but the game keeps crashing and the cursor is very slow when in play mode. Any help??? Please???

Alberto Ruffaldi
5 years ago

full download is no longer available due to reCAPTCHA issue

5 years ago

Download links havent worked since March 2018 due to reCAPTCHA V1 being unsupported…

5 years ago

tried to download both win8 and win7 versions(running win10) but both downloads do not start automatically and the file camp link uses recaptcha v1 which is shut down, new download link + mirrors please?

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