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Theme Hospital coverYou can download the full game of Theme Hospital below, the game has been specially modified to work on the latest Windows Operating Systems:
(Do not download these files unless you already own the original game! These files are copyright Bullfrog.).

save Download Theme Hospital (Windows 10)

save Download Theme Hospital (Windows 8)

save Download Theme Hospital (Windows 7)

save Download Theme Hospital (Windows XP, NT, 2000)


Latest Patch Download

The latest patch includes fix’s for the Theme Hospital game. However most of the game disks already include the patch either separate, or already applied to the game. You can attempt to patch your game by downloading this patch below and placing the EXE into your Theme Hospital game directory (usually C:\HOSPITAL\), once you have run the file there should be another file called HOSPPAT.EXE, run this file to apply the patch to your game.

save Download Patch.



Add-On Condition: Pregnant Lady

Original Version:

To use this add-on, you must have the original version of Theme Hospital. If you are not sure which version you have then look at the box or manual for your game. There should be a picture of a doctor injecting the theme hospital logo. This logo will either be a 4 pointed cross or a 6 pointed star. If your copy has a cross then you have the original version and can use this add-on.
Note: If you have installed the patch for the game then you have upgraded to the latest version and can no longer use this add-on

To install the add-on, extract all files from this .zip file into your LEVELS directory for Theme Hospital. The new pregnant woman patient will appear from level 3 onwards.

save Download Pregnant Lady (for non-patched games).


Modified Version for Patched Game:

Ian Jefferies has modified the original Pregnant Lady Add-On so that it now works with any patched game titles, please could people report their success using this version of the Add-On?

save Download Pregnant Lady (for patched games).


  37 Responses to “Downloads”

  1. It keeps coming up that I need the cd to play the game….any help would be appreciated

  2. Corsix-TH works perfectly well with 7 and requires no cd to play. its almost identical to the original theme hospital with a graphics revamp.

  3. This download does not work, keeps coming up that I need a CD-Rom to play it.


    • I have a Toshiba Laptop,
      all i did was download the files, then unzip them, and then click the hospital folder, and down the bottom is says Hospital application.
      Clicked it, and started playing the game. (no disc required.)

  4. How do you uninstall this program? It doesn’t seem to be doing my laptop any good but there doesn’t seem to be an uninstall, nor is it appearing in the “add or remove programs” list. Thanks, Danny

  5. I agree, Corsix-TH is great and works perfectly. Downloaded this because I was missing a couple sound data files, thank you! This fansite is awesome. :)

  6. how can I rotate the objects? im only using the keyboard..thanks!

  7. thank you, been looking for this game to play on win7 for a long time. how can you play ‘network play’?

  8. I’m having trouble downloading from the link. Any chance of a different download link for the Pregnant Lady files?

  9. I’ve got Theme Hospital working on my laptop which runs on Windows 7, but the colour is off. Any suggestions on how to fix?


    • You need to right click on hospital.exe and go to the compatibillity tab and select the options for 256 colors and also select run in compatability mode for and select windows xp

  10. I’m on Windows 7 64 bit and the patched full game above works fine except for the colours going crazy. I have tried all the compatibility options to no avail and have googled some fixes, but none of them are working for me. Does anyone know a good colour fix for Win7 64 bit? I am aware of the existence of Corsix-TH, however it is still very much a work in progress. For example there are no rats yet.

    • To fix the colour issues you can go to the compatibility settings for Theme Hospital (Right click the program then click properties and you will see compatibility settings.) Then check all of the boxes apart from Run this program as an administrator and set the compatibility mode to Windows 98 / Windows Me.

      It worked for me :D

    • Wow i have been looking for a fix for the colours for ages searching website after website for a patch or something and it was that simple! thanks dude now i can play this awesome game without nutty colours!

  11. Trying to run Hospital.exe but also tells me it need the cd to play the game, how can I remedy this please? THANKS!

  12. I cant seem to get the patch to work on windows 7 64Bit, other than that the game is great thanks.

  13. I am playing on windows 8 pro and it freeses a lot any fix?

  14. Guys, thanks for this great game!
    By the way, a small tip: While modifying HOSPITAL.CFG you can just fill in “.\” in the install path section, that will start the game from any directory, wherever the game is copied.

  15. Brialliant Game! Works perfectly, just follow the instructions and no cd is required. Thanks!

  16. I have the game but not been able to play it for years.
    would this patch work on windows 8?

  17. to everyone having issues with the no cd open the folder called hospital (the one in lower case) which was in the .zip file and put all the contents into the newly created HOSPITAL folder then should work no problems :)

  18. Cd problem: just copy your Hospital game to c:\Hospital or change hospital.cfg

  19. hi!
    how I can change the language please??? It runs in English, but I want Spanish!! please!!!

  20. I hope this one works of all the other 6 I downloaded Thanks for it anyway

  21. I want to play my old Theme Hospital game, but it doesn´t worked 100%

    This downloads doesn´t worked any. I have the CD and the download asked and asked for it anytime.

    And the links are also wrong. The link for the xp version is the same as for the windows 7 version.

    Which Hoodendubel has make this silly things?

  22. Will there be a Win10 version as well?
    Im stuck with that anoying “VRES256” error, no matter what compability mode i try … :(

    Anyone has a solution for this?

    • I have tried and tried to find a solution myself, and it just seems that it will not ever work :( But as soon as I find a solution it will be made public.

  23. Fuck this game makes my cock hard

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