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  1. Thanks

  2. Hi,
    I downloaded theme hospital and it tells me I need a disc to play it, although I thought that when I downloaded it, It would be available for me to play, or was that me just beaing an idiot?

    • I have the same problem. Do you know the solution?

    • Just change the current path in HOSPITAL.CFG

      Installation Instructions:
      To install the game just extract into a folder named \HOSPITAL\ , this would mean the path the the executable is: C:\HOSPITAL\Hospital.exe. If you are looking to put the game in another location, or it is not located on C:\ then you will need to modify HOSPITAL.CFG so that it contains the correct path to your Hospital.exe file, make sure you end the path with a \ else it will not work.

      • Thanks i tried this but still not working. I have windows7 what else can i try? I still get disc error? I am not a great techy with paths

  3. Ty Ty Ty ur far too kind

  4. Good!

  5. I like theme Hospital

  6. Unbelivable game!

  7. Great game!

  8. It says i need CD-ROM please help

  9. Nees CD wtf?

  10. Aight, i get colour saturation going on and it never moves past the loading screen…

  11. great game, I LOVE IT!!

  12. ı love this game

  13. Im having problems playing the game everything with the game is fine apart from the controls. when i am moving the curser around the screen on the game it stops moving and then jitters around the screen and doesnt control properly is there a patch or something you have to make this work better please??

  14. Not totally stable on Win 7 64, but it usually works. I love that I can play it at all.. very comforting.

  15. nice game

  16. Great Game

  17. No longer works takes you to a 3rd party site to download but the captcha software is outdated on their website so cannot download anymore :-(

  18. Mine doesnt even download!!

  19. Downloading is not possible anymore because of the reCAPTCHA V1 IS SHUTDOWN. Can you update the CAPTCHA?

  20. The autodownload won’t work and the captcha on the manual download doesn’t work.

  21. It’s not downloading.

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