Theme Hospital

Theme hospital is free on Origin right now which is great for those who have Origin! EA have been really generous by dropping the price of their 90’s game from £5 to FREE – no one is sure how long the game will be available for free so if you have Origin you should download it as soon as you can.

Theme Hospital is a 90’s isometric style simulation game, you play as the manager and architect to your own hospital, building and commissioning all the equipment, looking after staff and patients and managing cash flow!

Don’t worry if you missed it though, you can still download the game FREE on this website and get the patches which the Origin version does not have!

Happy playing!

Download from Origin


I Have updated the site tonight and cleaned it all up – I will very soon be uploading a new version of the Theme Hospital game download which should correct most of the issues people are getting.

So watch this space!



I have uploaded a copy of Theme Hospital, fully patched and confirmed working in Windows 7! Download it now and enjoy Theme Hospital on your computer! :)


I have just added some PC / PlayStation Hints and Cheats, please comment any more you may have which are not listed on the site and I will get them included as soon as possible :)



Hello, about 12 hours ago now I began constructing the new Theme Hospital fan website, and right now it’s looking pretty neat!! Unfortunately there is no content yet, but I’m hoping to get some useful stuff on here over the coming weeks.

I hope you all like the theme, and the TH inspired loading animation when you navigate the website… good eh?

Anyway, A little about myself:

My name is Dean Williams and I’m a full time Web Developer based in the West Midlands, I love Web Development but also love computer games, especially retro computer games (but still love the latest games too).
My obsession with Theme Hospital has been around for years, and about 6 months ago I was messing around trying various domain names and stumbled on this one, obviously being a fan of the game and feeling the pain of the dwindling resources available on-line for Theme Hospital fans, I decided to buy the domain.

Several months past and then this week I finally got some ideas and started setting up the site.

I’m checking the “way Back Machine” and looking at the original site that was on this domain in 2001, taking some ideas from it and migrating some of the content where possible. I shall have the patch available and other resources on here very soon.


ThemeHospital theme by Dean Williams