Download Theme Hospital - Windows 8

Full Game – Windows 8


If your looking for a copy of Theme Hospital that is working in Windows 8, then look no further! The following download is the FULL game of Theme Hospital which is fully patched and works perfectly in Windows 95, 98, XP, 7 and 8.
(Do not download these files unless you already own the original game! These files are copyright Bullfrog.)

Installation Instructions:
Download the Theme Hospital files below and extract them into a directory of your choice, then run “HOSPITAL.EXE” to start up the game.

save Download Theme Hospital For Windows 8

  7 Responses to “Full Game – Windows 8”

  1. Thanks for making this game accessable for Windows 8.

  2. Got the game but now have Windows 8. Awesome game and so much fun and it might get me away from COD for a while!! Plus, my girlfriend likes Theme Hospital so she will be happy.

  3. the best game ever

  4. Finally i can play it on WINDOWS 8 !!! TY

  5. Ah, wow, I felt really guilty until I saw “Do not download these files unless you already own the original game!” Now I never have to trapse through boxes to find that beautiful disk again! :))))

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